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Partnership with Parents

We know that as parents you are the primary and most important educators for your child and working in partnership with parents and families is central to everything we do.

Every child in the nursery has a key person. This teacher will be responsible for ensuring your child’s learning and development is on track and will complete their learning journey and reports. We also have a secondary key person for each child to ensure that when the main key person is away, the needs of the child are all met and fulfilled. Having said that, as a small nursery, we pride ourselves on the fact that every member of staff in your child’s room will know your child inside out.

When your child starts with us, we will need to know all about them and this is usually done during your child's home visit. During the home visit, your child's key person and the nursery manager will be present and will have the opportunity to get to know your child in the familiar surroundings of your home and to find out what might enable them to settle quickly into nursery.

Your child’s first settling in session at nursery is usually for one hour. You will attend with them and will spend some time in the room with your child as they explore their surroundings, get familiar with their new environment, meet the other children and the other lovely teachers who will be taking care of them. 

The second session will follow within the next day or two, and will last for 2 hours. This time you will spend some time in the room with your child and then leave them to spend some time in there without you. They will spend the rest of their settle in the room getting to know their Key Person.


The third session will be for 2 and a half hours where you will leave your child in the morning and collect them after they have had lunch with us normally at 12.00. By this point we find that children feel settled and smoothly transition into nursery life and adjust to their new routine.

If your child was to come in unsettled, our main priority is to settle your child and then we will always give you a quick call or email with either a photo or video in order to put your mind at ease. We also reassure parents that they can call at any time to see how their child is doing throughout the day. 


At the end of each day, when your child is collected, you will receive detailed, verbal feedback about their day, how they have eaten and what fun things they have encountered. 

We informally observe the children (including a Starting Point Assessment), with termly assessments and twice-annual parents evenings. They are held twice a year, in Autumn and Spring. These are a more formal way for parents to receive updates about their child’s progress and time at nursery! We will complete a 2 Year Check, and we also have a transition report which ensures a smooth transition from nursery to school. Our reports are very individual, thorough and to the point and are given to parents once they are completed to read, comment and sign. 


In addition to this, you will also receive regular emails about your child whether this is a photo regarding an achievement they have accomplished or a ‘wow’ video clip that has been caught throughout their fun filled day! 

We love parents getting involved in daily life at nursery and welcome more informal communication with our families, so feel free to pop in for a chat with the Manager, send us an email or give us a call at any time. Whether it’s coming in as a ‘Mystery Reader’ to read a story for the children, accompanying the children on outings or contributing ideas to the children’s chosen topics… there are lots of ways to get involved!


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