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Main Building

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The library’s main focus is quiet, independent learning using the typical Montessori materials, covering: practical life; sensorial; maths; language and geography. Under the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) this area supports communication and language, literacy, mathematics and understanding the world.


Children can work on the computer or interactive smart board, use the Montessori equipment, count, sort and categorise, match shapes, make patterns, use puppets, story sacks, peg pictures, construct with Lego or independently access books and puzzles.


The library is used for reading time, singing sessions and music and after lunch becomes our cosy sleep area, where our younger children enjoy an hour of rest in peaceful surroundings, closely supervised by staff.


The main emphasis in the playroom is free play, messy, small world and role play. The playroom is always set up with an indoor role play area, baskets full of toys, painting, mark making and art cart. The art cart is stacked with everything a child would possibly need to be creative and produce individual pieces of work using glue, chalk, pens, paints and recycled materials for construction.


Children use all of their senses to explore their surroundings. They get messy with shaving foam, play dough, water, coloured sand and rice. The role play area is changed regularly taking into account holidays, festivals and the children’s current interests. The children enjoy a wide variety of small world play ranging from fairies and jungles to pirates and astronauts.


The room has a sink with fresh drinking water so children can top up their water bottles, wash hands or paint pots - encouraging independence at all times.

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Dining Room

This is mainly used as a dining area for breakfast and lunch, but doubles up as a great extension to our kitchen for cooking activities. We also use the space for playing board games, voice recordings, puzzles and other one to one activities.

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