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Log Cabin


In the log cabin, Montessori nature is the main aim, together with learning to care for the environment and understanding the world. Our fish live here and children enjoy watching and feeding them. We have a cosy reading area where children have access to a range of books - all activities here are science and nature based.


There is a growing area where children plant seeds and watch them grow to plant in our main garden or take home. The light table offers a wide variety of learning opportunities and there are plenty of resources to support the children in learning about the world we live in. Children can access natural resources such as pine cones, feathers and shells as well as learning about life cycles, mini beasts and the weather. There are magnets, torches and magnifying glasses, all available for the children to access independently.

The log cabin also houses our woodwork bench, where the children are supervised and supported in using real tools such as hammers and hand drills safely.


Sand Pit

Our large, heated, covered walk-in sandpit has an abundance of toys to stimulate the children such as construction blocks, digging and pouring equipment as well as a pulley system. The children explore using wet and dry sand and can choose to wear boots or feel the sand on their feet. They love to dig holes, make cakes, drive trucks and look for treasure - the learning opportunities are endless.

Soft Play

We recently completed our new soft play and sensory room development, including new toilet facilities. Here the children can let off steam as they run, crawl, balance, jump and climb, as well as escaping into our white sensory space to lie by our infinity tunnel and bubble tube. Special lighting effects complete the sensory experience. This room is also used for music and physical group activities. It is a great area for personal, social and emotional development, encouraging children to challenge themselves, helping to build their self confidence whilst developing their gross motor skills.

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