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Our Rabbits

We have two resident rabbits called Lady and Fluffy.


They are very lucky to have so many children wanting to care and look after them. It is so important for children to understand how to take care of the animals and their living environment.


We talk about gentle hands and how it is ok to feel worried or scared when first meeting our rabbits.

All the children love being involved in their care routine from scooping and measuring out their feed, to choosing their vegetables and topping up their water.

During the summer season we talk about the rabbits needing lots of water and extra shade to keep cool (just like us) and why we place frozen bottles of water around their enclosure for them to lay against. And in the months when it's cold they need extra hay to keep warm.

After our visits the children learn we need to make sure the enclosure is safe and that the doors and gate are securely closed and locked. They also learn that they need to wash their hands to remove any dirt or germs.

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