Our Pets

We pride ourselves on offering as many opportunities as possible for the children in our care to experience and learn from. Supervised handling, feeding and learning about animals that they can see and touch are a big part of assisting in the learning journey of each of our children.


Each Spring we take part in a hatching programme, so the children learn about the life cycle of chicks, ducks or quails. We also participate in the growth of caterpillars into butterflies, which the children watch with great interest.


Our regular on-site nursery pets include a fish called Survivor and two rabbits (Ella and Bobby). We have also kept four of the quails from our 2014 Spring hatching programme.


On our extended site, we have Marley – a thoroughbred Welsh Mountain Pony, born in 2009. She loves left over apples and carrots but thrives on cuddles and fussing from the nursery children.


We also have Irene – a Pygmy Goat. She joined us in March 2012, as a friend for Marley, and another animal for the children to visit.