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We believe that children learn most from experiences in which they are directly involved. Our curriculum is delivered through a variety of core experiences, daily discovery and weekly N extras.

Core experiences

Our core daily sessions at N are singing, signing, stories, mindfulness and emotional literacy. These form the grounding to reading, writing and continued development.

Daily discovery

We use this time to introduce our children to life skills and creative thought, learning about everything from expressive arts, science, engineering, maths, technology, cultural diversity, environmentalism and physical health.

The N extras

Weekly N extras explored in small groups include: cooking & baking, Spanish, yoga, doodle dance/phonics and The N passport.

Their journey will encompass exploring, discovering and interacting through both adult and child led activities which are adapted to suit each particular child, allowing accessibility to all. These are then further enhanced through our wide variety of resources and range of media, all of which provide opportunities and encouragement of sharing your child’s thoughts, ideas and feelings.

Our partnership with you is utilised to further your child’s progress. As a parent or guardian, you will be kept well informed of your child’s individual learning journey, as it will be carefully documented, stage by stage, in your child’s interactive learning diary, with regular progress being issued to you.

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